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Why Don't You Bring A Bell To A Cat?

Sep 01, 2018

The reason most people disapprove of giving cats a bell is that they feel that the cat's ears are very sensitive, and the bells can cause trouble and damage the hearing.

As we all know, the cat's hearing is very sharp. In ancient times, it relied on hearing to capture prey. The bell on the collar is closer to the cat's ear, and the noise is very affecting the cat's hearing, and even affects the cat's judgment. You know, the cat is color blind, and the range of sight seen is different from that of human beings;

cat collar.jpg

It has been reported by the popular science channel that the cat's hearing is extremely sensitive, and the sound of breaking a dish in human life is magnified several times in the cat's ear, as if a grenade exploded on the cat's ear. Therefore, the cat is enduring great noise and living together with human beings.

You can consider wearing a collar for a cat instead of a bell as follows.

1. The cat is easy to lose and is kept in the courtyard; the cat can wear a collar with the owner's contact information to protect the cat.

2, when the cat brought the bell, it became unwilling to run, squat forward, even negative lazy, not willing to eat, then as much as possible the bell caused trouble to the cat.

3, cats live in the room for a long time, the cat will not actively attack the person, the owner does not need to worry about the cat will attack, beware of the cat's activities, then it is not necessary to wear a bell.