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Why Do Dogs Have The Habit Of Moving Kennels?

Aug 10, 2019

Why do dogs have the habit of moving kennels? I believe that there are a lot of careful shovel officers should have found out that their own dogs often like to change places to sleep, sometimes it is a few days to change a place, and sometimes even a few places can be changed in one night.

dog bed

Outside the house, under the table, under the bed, everywhere they are sleeping, I can't wait to sleep all over the house, so many shovel officers will have doubts: What are the dogs often moving?

In fact, there are many reasons why dogs often move to the nest and change places. The specifics vary from dog to dog. Most dogs change their place to sleep because there is no sense of security, and another common situation is due to temperature differences. Summarize the main reasons for the three big dogs, the shovel officers can check in after reading.

1. Dogs lack security.

dog kennel

The lack of security of dogs is one of the most important reasons for their movement. For dogs, lack of security, dependence on the owner, and suffering from illness are common problems. Both puppies and adult dogs have this problem. Small milk dogs may be particularly sensitive and resistant to the external environment because they have just left their mothers and just weaned. They will try to shovel their elders or find a more hidden place to sleep.

Of course, adult dogs also have a lack of security. This is mainly caused by their territorial consciousness. For them, the home is full of its territory. Sleeping everywhere is also a way for them to divide the site. The situation does not have to worry about the shovel.

2, due to temperature changes caused the dog to change places to sleep.


Dogs are very smart animals. They are hot. They will find a cool place for themselves. When they are cold, they will find a warm place. This is actually a way for them to take care of themselves.

For long-haired dogs, they are large in size and have a lot of body hair. They feel extraordinarily hot in the summer. If they feel a little hot when they fall asleep, they will find a cool place on their own. If they fall asleep and feel cold, they will go to a warmer place, so the shovel officers don't have to worry too much. The dogs know how to enjoy life.

3, due to the uncomfortable dog body, often moved to the nest.

dog bed

Dogs don't talk, they don't have problems in their bodies, and they don't tell the shovel. At this time, they need to shovel the eunuchs to observe carefully. In addition to other forms of expression, sleeping uncomfortable, often changing seats is also ill. One of the signs. If the dogs have inflammation or skin disease, the pain and itching will make them difficult to fall asleep at night, and often move to the nest. At this time, the shovel officer will take the dog to the pet hospital.

The above three are the main reasons for the dogs to move their nests. Except for the uncomfortable nature of the dogs, the other two situations are very common, and the shovel officers do not need to worry. Dogs are more sensitive to changes in the outside world than humans, so they will be adjusted in some way that belongs to them. Under normal circumstances, the shovel officer does not need to care too much, just let it go.