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Which Pet Medicines Should Be Prepared For The Pet Family?

Jul 08, 2018

Like people, pet owners should also prepare some commonly used drugs in the process of keeping pets, so that basic treatment can be carried out when pets have some common diseases. Xiaobian will introduce you to the pet medicines that are best prepared in the family.

1, cold medicine

It is best not to give the dog a Western medicine for the treatment of colds, because the chemical composition of the dog will not be well understood.

It is better to treat colds and respiratory tract infections with cold granules, antiviral oral liquids and Shuanghuanglian. Because traditional Chinese medicine is generally mild, and mostly in the form of oral liquid, the dose is better controlled.

2, help digestive drugs

Multi-enzyme tablets and yeast tablets are dog-assisted digestive drugs that families must prepare. The digestive system of the dog is relatively fragile. It is often caused by eating too much or eating fast, causing vomiting or diarrhea. You can not only give it a digestive medicine when its appetite is bad, but it can also be given to it at ordinary times. Take a few tablets to help digestion, prevent it from happening.

3, antidiarrheal drugs

Huangliansu or norfloxacin capsules are commonly used antidiarrheal drugs, and dogs can also eat. There is also gentamicin sulfate for oral administration to dogs, which is also a good antidiarrheal. But now Qingda is a prescription drug, which can't be bought at a pharmacy. No matter what antidiarrheal drugs, be sure to pay attention to the diarrhea of digestive system problems before use. If the dog is new to your home, or if you have diarrhea and blood in the stool, you must go to the hospital. Do not give it to you.

4, anti-inflammatory drugs

If the dog has obvious inflammation, or is more serious redness and skin disease, you can also take some oral anti-inflammatory drugs with topical medicine. You can give it some amoxicillin, which is also a mild anti-inflammatory drug. The dog's stomach is not very irritating.

5, motion sickness medicine

For the dog with motion sickness, it is also a common medicine in the family. It is necessary to calculate the amount and eat it before going out to make the dog quieter when riding the car. But now most of the dogs are going out to go out to play all day, basically no motion sickness, so motion sickness medicine is not a must-have for every dog.