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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Use Of Dog's Nest

May 19, 2018

Each owner will have different feeding methods. Some owners like to let the dog sleep in the dog cage, so naturally there is no need for a kennel. While other owners are more likely to let the dog sleep in the kennel, there are more considerations for dog kennels .

Dog beds are softer than dog kennels, so dogs may sleep more comfortably. In addition, the kennel has a better warming effect and can prevent the dog's abdomen from getting cold. After talking about the advantages, let's talk about the issues to be aware of when using a kennel.

1. Select the kennel of the right size: This is the most basic problem. It is absolutely necessary to pick the right kennel for the dog. It is obviously unrealistic for you to make a big dog curl up in a dog kennel.

2. Position the kennels: Dogs are highly alert and most of them are in light sleep, so most sleeping dogs immediately wake up when they hear the movement. Therefore, in order to ensure that the dog has a good sleep, try to place the kennel in a quiet place with less crowding.

3. Training dog excretion: The kennel is not like the dog cage allows the dog to be excreted directly inside. Since the dog is allowed to sleep in the kennel, it is definitely necessary to teach the dog to excrete it.

4. Be sure to clean the mat regularly: It can be said that this is a very important job, and some owners often overlook this issue. However, long-term cleaning of mats is often the main culprit for dogs suffering from skin diseases. Therefore, in order to consider the dog's health, we must regularly clean the kennels. If the sun is good, we can take out the kennels and dry them in the sun. This can be simply sterilized.

5. To provide the dog with molar tools: because some dogs will bite because of the molars, if they bite the kennel is prone to ingestion, this must pay attention.