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What Kind Of Toys Do Dogs Like

Dec 24, 2017

A friend who keeps a dog at home must be worried about dogs tearing at their homes. In fact, dog bites, such as the feet of a sock table, are caused by the itching of the teeth, which need to be smoothed out. You can buy some toys for it, and it won't bite the table or sock or anything like that. Now I'd like to recommend some kinds of toys to you. I hope I can help you.

The plastic ball should be elastic, the dog's curiosity is very heavy, and the elastic ball can bring its interest. It's also willing to play with the host.

Plush toys are for short hair, as shown in pictures. Or it will tear you down. Don't buy too big a toy bigger than it. It's not very interesting.

Bite the gelatinous ground not too soft or too hard. Too soft to bite, too hard to hurt his teeth. It's usually a little harder than jelly.

When the towel and the cloth are played, the dog likes to hold the head of the towel bar to the end of the towel. This is a good time to have it.

It's also one of the dog's favorite toys, so it's easy to bite. It's easy to train a dog with a rubber stick.