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What Kind Of Toy Is Suitable For A Dog

Dec 24, 2017

Dogs often use destructive behaviors to ease their worries, loneliness and stress. To reduce their damage to sofas, shoes, books, and other things, give them some toys. But what kind of toy is suitable for a dog?

The first thing to do is to choose a toy with the right size. The right size of the toy can be used to drain the dog's energy. As dogs grow older, toys should be eliminated as children. Small rubber balls, for example, will be swallowed up by growing dogs. Dangerous. In addition, if the toys are torn, they should be discarded in time to prevent them from swallowing.

The material of the toy has many kinds, have different characteristic. Before buying, therefore, to understand the first pet bite habit, if your dog has a strong attack and bite, will give them choose some hard rubber and some bit wear resistance of toys. If pets aren't aggressive and don't tear things to pieces, then choose some canvas or some woollen toy. These toys are soft. Not easy to be chewed and easy to clean. No aggressive pets can choose some rubber toys, such as latex toys. These toys are brightly colored and make sounds that make dogs feel interesting.

In addition, if a dog is running around with things, he can choose to give him a light toy. For dogs that love to drag things, you can give them a rope toy, which is not soft and hard and is good for their dental health.

When you buy a toy for a dog, observe its response to the new toy. If you are torn or damaged quickly, you should lose a more sturdy toy. In addition, there are many dogs like toys, for it four or five toys, often replace the play to them, will make them feel fresh and stimulus, if it has something like toys very much, so don't replace the most good.