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What Are The Less Practical Hamster Pet Supplies?

Aug 04, 2018

The current way of raising pets is very different from the previous hate. Although the former owners are also concerned about their pets, they are certainly not as expensive as they are now. This has a lot to do with the improvement of our living standards, but in fact, there are not many pet supplies in daily life.

1. All-iron running wheel: Although the iron running wheel is of better quality, the metal products are easy to conduct heat in summer and cold in winter, so it may not be very beneficial for the health of hamsters.

2. Crystal Cat Litter: Crystal Cat Litter may have some toxicity to hamsters, so it is not suitable for use as a hamster mat.

3. Simple iron cage: The quality of the hamster cage must not be too bad, the quality is not easy to deform, if the hamster's foot is mistakenly stepped into the gap, it will easily lead to fracture.

4. Hamster clothes: Hamster clothes are really not necessary for hamsters, or their greater use is just to satisfy our aesthetic. Many hamsters are not used to putting on clothes, and some even bite clothes because of discomfort, so that some of the thread on the clothes are likely to be eaten by hamsters.

5. Various people use melon seeds: It is true that the right amount of melon seeds is good for the health of hamsters, but it is raw melon seeds. We eat all cooked melon seeds, and there are certain additives, which may be detrimental to the health of hamsters. .

Before buying an item, you should consider whether it is practical for hamsters. If it is not of great value or is a potential threat to the health and safety of hamsters, then it is better not to buy.