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What Are The Essential Pet Products For Cats?

Aug 04, 2018

Pet supplies are a kind of accessory in the process of raising pets. For cats, pet supplies can solve its main needs in life, such as excretion, eating and recreation, so pet supplies cover a wide range, and With the development of the times, pet supplies have also been developed with more novel features in the continuous iteration.

Love cats can't always use what we humans use at home. Of course, some owners love cats and cut them, so that cats can always be with them, such as sleeping with cats and eating with cats. The angle is the performance of loving cats and caring, but it may not be so optimistic from the perspective of health and health. Therefore, the owner still needs to add some pet supplies to the cats. So, what pet products are available on the market?

First, the litter box

The cat's excretion problem is the first thing the owner has to solve. Therefore, the litter box is the best choice. For the cat litter pot owner, you can choose according to the cat's preference. The economic strength is also a factor to be considered. Some of the most The simple cat litter is plastic without cover and is about 1.5 times the size of a cat. For example, the doctor's litter box, its plastic is not a general plastic, is a high-grade composite plastic, using PP resin material, sterile and non-toxic, safe, wear-resistant, anti-pressure, and smooth shape is not easy to stick cat litter The cleaning solution is extremely convenient and can be washed directly with water. Some people also use cheaper storage boxes to make their own, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and save money. Of course, if you want the atmosphere of the cat's life, you need a luxury version of the cat toilet. The luxury version of the cat toilet not only has a high appearance, but also has automatic flushing, deodorizing function, and even some can be excreted according to the cat. The number of times to derive the health of the cat, it can be said that the owner wants what it has.

Second, the cat climbing frame

The cat climbing frame is also called the cat tree. The cat is a healthy cat. Although it stays at home all day long, there is no doubt that I can’t go to heaven in the depths of my heart. So I want to prevent the cat from flying away at home. The cat was born in a mess, and the cat climbing frame was born. For the choice of cat climbing frame, try not to buy the house in the bottom of the climbing frame, for example: if there are two open cardboard boxes of the same size at home, the mouth is outward and stacked vertically. The cat must go to the upper carton to sleep, ignore the lower carton (unless the kitten can't climb). The cat is a dexterous animal, likes the high and narrow environment. If there is a choice, it must be according to their own thinking. Way to live. For example, the Tiantian cat and cat climbing frame has a closed cat box, giving the cat a private rest space. The hemp rope hanging from the platform hole is for cat entertainment. The highest fenced small platform meets the cat's preference for “going high and looking far”. The sisal ladder design that breaks the pattern makes the product shape more unique and harmonious. What is more worth mentioning is that the mouse toy is hung on the top to greatly enhance the entertainment of the product.

In addition, if you want to buy a climbing frame with stairs, try to choose a plate-shaped staircase instead of a space staircase similar to people. The climbing stairs are not desirable, and the empty format design, although good-looking, is not easy for kittens. .

Third, the cat bed

Love cats originally had no place to sleep, sofas, beds, window sills, TV sets, cabinet tops... The N corners of the room are where they stayed. As the pet industry develops, they also have specialized beds. It is said that it is a cat bed, a cat house, and a cat litter. The purpose is nothing more than letting the cat rest in a fixed place.

Now the designer has designed a lot of beautiful cat beds and cat litter, some of them can be compared with our human beds, the owner can choose according to the layout and furnishings of the home, of course, the cat on the tall The bed may suddenly be a little bit accustomed to sleeping cats on the floor, so the owner can choose some simple cat beds to try the cats, such as FERPLAST pet heating mats, waterproof treatment, to ensure safety. The temperature is right, and you can sleep comfortably. Easy to clean, very easy. In the cold winter, does your love cat always like to get into your bed to sleep? Quietly tell you that this cat bed can also be heated!!

There are of course many other kinds of pet products that love cats. They can definitely cover all aspects of cat life. As for whether it is good or not, it is still a good idea for your family to love cats.