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What Are The Cat Toys

May 27, 2019

Cat toys should be safe and non-toxic, will not cause cat poisoning and indoor environmental pollution, no sharp objects will hurt the cat, the volume is appropriate, will not cause suffocation and other injuries.

Cat toys

First of all, you need to know which cat toys are currently on the market. Funny cats are a very common cat toy. They are mainly used to tease cats. Some people need to use them together. Cats are not very good at playing. Plush toys are the most common cat toys. Cats also like plush toys and can play with their own plush toys. The spring mouse is a toy that has a mouse-like shape on the spring for the cat to play. Because the spring is full of elasticity, not all cats like this toy. The Rolling Dragon is a long tube that can be placed on the ground. The cat can drill into the interior of the Rolling Dragon to play.

Cat climbing frame is also a relatively large cat toy. It is generally wooden. It requires the owner to build a cat climbing frame at home. It can be used for cats to climb and jump. Like the rolling dragon, the cat climbing frame is also very local. If the space is limited at home, it is not recommended to buy such toys.

Cat climbing frame

After learning about the main types of cat toys, let's take a look at what to look out for when choosing a toy for a cat.

First, durable and sturdy. Sturdy and durable, but the primary consideration when choosing a toy for cats, because it is for the cat to play, so the toy is more durable, any behavior of the cat can resist, such as cats like to bite, flutter, kick, etc. Play behavior. If the material and structure of the toy are not strong enough, it will not be a good thing for the cat and the owner if the cat is quickly played badly.

Second, the parts are simple and firm. Cat toys have many parts combined. In order to protect the safety of cats, it is best to check whether the parts are strong when selecting toys. Some toys that are easy to get rid of the dropped parts are best not to buy cats. Otherwise it is easy to hurt the cat during the play.

Third, the cat likes it. Cat toys are of course still cats like to play. If the cat doesn't like it, no matter how expensive the toy is, it is also versatile. It is recommended to let the cat try to see if the cat likes it before purchasing the toy.