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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Bull Terrier?

May 10, 2020

Nothing is 100% perfect, and it also hides shortcomings in beautiful, lovely and gentle animals. With the development of society, the Bull Terrier has been gradually familiar, accepted and loved by people. More gentlemen like this special, somewhat strange-looking dog. The bull terrier also has its own advantages, but it also has disadvantages.

Parents who have raised bull terriers will have the same feeling. The bull terriers are sturdy, cute and have special advantages. They seem silly and reveal a mediocre temperament. And docile and obedient, they are very smart and obedient to their masters. The main thing is that the Bull Terrier is very friendly to children. They will lie quietly next to the children, and they are very patient with children. Strictly speaking, the Bull Terrier can be a very loyal family guard dog.

Of course, the Bull Terrier also has disadvantages. To put it simply, although the Bull Terrier is a well-behaved pet dog, it is still an animal after all, and the essential characteristics of the animal on its body will not change. Simply put, the Bull Terrier also has a strong sense of territory, and every Bull Terrier wants to be a leader in a territory. Therefore, even if you put it in captivity at home, its specifications will not change. And it is precisely because of these natural instincts that the Bull Terrier will do things that you can't stand.

Normal and healthy bull terriers like to pee everywhere. This is normal from the perspective of dogs, because they want to occupy and mark their territory, but it is unacceptable to humans. When someone or another animal breaks into its territory or provokes it, the normally well-behaved bull terrier will also become nervous and sensitive, and will fight the invading "enemy" in order to protect itself and the territory. Of course, the result is conceivable. If the dogs cannot be separated in time to stop the struggle, then the result may also be the misfortune of "seeing the blood" and "messy."

PS: In the process of raising bull terriers, parents should treat them with understanding and tolerance. Of course, to allow pet dogs to get along with their families more harmoniously and harmoniously, the necessary training, training and guidance are also needed. It is important that the Bull Terrier be completely loyal and obedient to you, and let it develop good habits and attitudes.