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Use Your Pet Spa Properly To Escort Your Pet's Health.

Feb 06, 2020

The emergence of pet SPA has caused a rise in SPA. After learning "experience" in beauty salons, many owners buy some SPA supplies in the market, go home and become pet pet groomers, and perform SPA for pets at home. Experts suggest that SPA for pets often does not play the role of SPA, but it is easy for your pet to suffer from skin diseases.

Experts said that the so-called pet SPA once a week will make pets produce body scent or have a good protective effect on the skin. This thinking is a serious mistake. According to the frequency of pet bathing, it is not as short as possible. Generally, it is better to wash once every two weeks to one month. You can wash properly in summer, but you must also limit the number of baths. In winter, you can take longer intervals . Because pet skin itself secretes oil, and this type of oil has a certain protective effect. If the bath frequency is too frequent, it will cause damage to the skin, and cause some problems such as excessive dandruff and dry skin. For pet hair care, it is better to use more hair instead of bathing. So in general, it is best to give your pet a spa at most two weeks to a month.

Some owners even use the medicated bath as a SPA, but this is not the case. In pet medicine, medicated baths are a method often used today to treat and strengthen pet skin diseases. Pet hospitals generally do not have medicated bath products specifically for certain skin diseases. Medicinal baths, medically speaking, must be performed under the supervision of a specialist pet hospital doctor. Because of the distribution of the medicinal bath, the multiples of different medicines are not controlled by ordinary pet shops. However, a dog with healthy skin does not need to take a medicated bath. The medicated bath is not to prevent certain skin diseases, but to treat skin diseases. Therefore, medicated baths cannot be easily given to pets.

The salt bath SPA in the beauty shop can indeed prevent the formation of ectoparasites in pets, but the salt bath SPA cannot be maintained for a long time. If you want to be effective for a long time, the long-term effect of anthelmintics cannot be achieved by one or two times. In addition, it is also necessary to achieve long-lasting insect repellent effects by special in vitro insect repellents. Especially in summer, pets have a strong metabolism and active ectoparasites multiply. In the end, it is necessary to cooperate with professional in vivo insect repellent products.

How to get the pet spa right? Expert tips, first of all, is to give pets a physical examination. On the one hand, they can understand the health status of pets. On the other hand, in order to prevent the harm of infectious diseases and skin diseases, and prevent cross-infection of diseases. In addition, special attention should be paid to dogs, pregnant mothers with colds, especially pets with trauma or pets with poor skin conditions, which are not suitable for SPA. Another is some basic care, such as cleaning eyes and ears, clearing ear hair, cutting nails, grooming, etc. Before doing SPA, be sure to bathe your pets before washing. Generally, the time of a SPA is within 15-30 minutes. In the SPA process, the professional SPA hydrotherapy device directly affects the pet's body surface, enhances the regulation of body fluid circulation, achieves muscles and bones relief, eliminates fatigue, and improves and improves pets' physiological functions. Eventually achieve a state of complete relaxation.

For the health of pets, treat pet SPAs scientifically, and prohibit blindly pet SPAs.