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Tips For Keeping Dogs In Winter

Dec 31, 2017

Provide quality food. In the winter, the energy consumption is relatively fast, and the amount and frequency of dog food can be increased appropriately. Dogs that eat homemade food can properly supply some meat and vitamin supplements. Dogs pay attention in the winter

Provide fresh water. Please make sure that the dog in the outdoor life has plenty of water, and the cold weather needs to be warm enough to not freeze the ice water.

Prevent frostbite. When temperatures drop to freezing, dogs that spend the night outside have the potential to organize frostbite. Please provide the dog with a warm indoor environment and a cotton pad, mattress, etc. Try to reduce your dog's life in a cold environment.

Keep your body dry. The winter shower must blow dry; Don't play on the ice, especially the frozen ice; Walk your dog in winter and do not use a metal dog chain.

Walk your dog. In winter, the temperature difference is larger, the evening party is colder, the dog can go out later in the morning, when the sun comes out, the ground begins to warm up and then go out again.