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The Prosperous Prospects Of The Pet Industry And Unlimited Business Opportunities.

Apr 07, 2019

With the improvement of living standards, pets are quietly coming into our lives. From cats and dogs to pets, lizards, pythons and other alternative pets, pets eat and wear, live and die, there are business opportunities everywhere. Pets - pet food - pet supplies - pet toys - pet grooming - pet marriage - pet hospital - pet funeral - pet insurance and so on. The chain effect of the pet economy can not be underestimated, and the chain industry promoted by pets also occupies a certain position in today's fiercely competitive market.

Pets will become a popular trend. Hyenas are the most beautiful scenery in the evening. Pets become the focus of people's after-dinner entertainment and talk, enriching the spiritual life of human beings. Let the elderly have a spiritual sustenance, no longer feel lonely, and, after a highly stressful work, it will become a regulator, let people enjoy themselves, relax themselves, and throw all the trivial things at work into the clouds. . Pets can not only make up for the lack of emotion, but also feel the nature. Take a pet to the outing on weekends or holidays and feel the pure beauty that nature has brought to you.

Analyze the state of life of today's people. Young people are busy rushing to the cause, leaving lonely old people, and then, the appearance of pets has solved their loneliness. According to the survey, the age of this group is over 45 years old, accounting for 35% of the pet group, which is one of the market's 1∕3; pets were first popular with foreign countries. At that time, people always thought that pets were “rich”. "Groups, therefore, some young couples with economic strength are willing to raise valuable pure blood dogs to symbolize their high-end identity. This group is on a straight-line trend. It is about 25 to 40 years old and currently accounts for 10% of the market. Proportion; out of love for small animals, some young people tend to buy blindly with their enthusiasm, and when they are fresh, these pets become pitiful and homeless; social pressure is great, Dink Will choose pets to spend the weekdays, replacing children with pets, accounting for 5% of the market; some working dogs bring convenience to people with inconvenient lives, watching dogs, guide dogs, companion dogs, etc., occupying the market 5%; there are also some pets that are carefully taken care of through adoption and retention. .

As these trends continue to expand, there is a growing demand for pets. In order to meet the young people's "unconventional" thinking, some alternative pets are also quietly appearing on the market, which brings about the diversity of pets. Looking at the fertile land of the pet market, more and more people are “following the enthusiasm”, and the competition in the pet market has gradually formed. The high demand for pets reflects the prosperous future of the pet market.