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The Correct Posture For Bathing The Dog.

Jun 09, 2019

Don't think that bathing is an easy task. Bathing a dog can be said to be a shower for a human baby. There are many things to pay attention to. If you take a bath in the wrong way, it will make the dog feel resistant to the bath, and the disease will happen.

1. combing, cleaning eyes and ears

Before the wet water, the dog is combed, and the hair that has fallen off can be combed, and the hair knot is combed to reduce the tangles of the hair after the wet water is more serious. Since it is necessary to prevent water from entering the eyes and ears during bathing, clean the two sensitive parts first. Wipe the dog's eyes with a towel moistened with warm water, and wash the eyes and ears with special eye drops and ear wash. Dogs with more ear fluff should also help them pull ear hair to prevent accumulation of cockroaches (ear wax) and create a breeding environment for bacteria. After the event, you can insert medical cotton in the dog's ear to avoid water in the ear when you take a bath. More attention can be given to the dog to apply eye ointment to protect the eyes.

2. Confirm the water temperature

Before taking a bath, the owner should first adjust the water temperature and then put the dog in the water. Otherwise, the inappropriate water temperature will scare them, creating a psychological shadow of fear of bathing. For the dog's suitable water temperature, parents can feel the lukewarm by hand.

3. Moisturize the body and apply shower gel

Don't spray water on the dog directly with the nozzle that is over-pressured. If you scare the dog, you won't bother to take a shower. The hair should be gently dampened with a towel. Then squeeze the pet shower gel into your hand, first beat the foam, then gently scratch the dog's body, evenly apply the bubble to the dog's hair. For dogs, the process is like a massage. They will be very enjoyable, but be sure to avoid the face to avoid foaming into the eyes or into the nose and mouth.

4. Rinse

When the bubble is fully immersed in the dog's hair, we have to carry out the final rinse, pay attention to the nozzle water pressure is not too high. And be sure to wash away all the foam and dirt on your body, if there is residue, it will affect the hair and skin.

5. Dry the hair

Before drying the dog, the towel should be used to remove excess water and be blown. When you blow a dog, there are some differences depending on the type of dog. For example, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire and other long-haired dogs need to be blown along the hair, while VIPs such as VIPs and Bichon dogs Blow dry against the gross. The blower should not be too close to the coat during the blowing process. It is necessary to maintain a distance of 20 cm or more and use warm air instead of hot air. At the same time, the hair being blown is combed with a comb. Keep a little further distance when drying the facial hair, avoid blowing straight from the face, and rubbing the dog's eyes with your hand to prevent the hot air from directly contacting the eyes and causing fear. If the dog is not particularly obedient, it is best to find a small partner to work with, one to comfort the dog and the other to operate.