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The Combat Fight In The Pet Food Market.

Oct 13, 2018

In an era when the pet industry is becoming more and more popular, the pet industry has ushered in an unprecedented "war." Since the pets swept China, it has been spreading with an unstoppable trend. Pets eat and wear, live and die, and every gap reveals unlimited business opportunities. Opportunities will only land on those who are prepared. Given the broad prospects of the pet market, many people have joined the industry. However, it is necessary to be fully prepared to start investing. If a careful person can find changes in the domestic pet industry, pet food, pet supplies and pet grooming shops will suddenly increase sharply this year, from the previous “retail” to "Professional", even the placement on the supermarket shelves has changed, not only the shelves are widened, the classification is more clear and detailed, consumers can directly lock the relevant products more than their own needs. The Internet is an important media method. More companies are now willing to expand their markets through the Internet, and implement a win-win business model combining online stores and physical stores. They have also launched pet forums for pet lovers to discuss. At the same time, I also advertise for my own business. There are more and more pets in the city. When it comes to the elderly and down to the children, they like to use pets as playmates in daily life. It’s no longer a rare thing to go out and walk the dog after a meal. More people regard their pet as a family member. The topic of pets is becoming more and more frequent, and it has become a hot topic after people have had a meal.

The actual situation is just as we have seen, the pet industry is like a broken bamboo, and the unstoppable development has made it prosperous. At present, domestic pet-related enterprises are constantly rising, and the number of pets is also broken. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing and other places are known as China's “five pet cities”. There are 700,000 pets in Shanghai, and the amount of money spent on pets is as high as 600 million per year. There are about 100 million pets in the country, and the economy generated is about 15 billion. It can be seen that pets have gradually become one of the social and economic themes. Among them, pet food is the most popular, we can go to the beauty without pets, you can not buy any toys, you can not wear clothes (natural nature), but can not say no to eat, therefore, pet food this feng shui treasures countless People are sought after.

In the big competition of pet food, each company has made a lot of enthusiasm and is eager to become one of the best prestige companies in the food industry. For pet food, enterprises must find out the psychology of consumers. Although the pet industry is favored and the profits are considerable, after all, it started late in China, and many consumers are more willing to choose foreign brands because foreign brands are more resounding. It can be seen that the brand is more important to a company. Each company has opened a "brand competition war", and we have seen the "combat fight" of the merchants. The purpose of the brand war is to let more consumers understand and recognize the products, which depends on marketing, in other words, "advertise", all kinds of propaganda channels are for the corporate brand and struggle. Successful brand sales are an important foundation for a company's long-term survival.