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The 6th China Beijing International Pet Products Exhibition South China Press Conference Was Held In Guangzhou.

Aug 18, 2018

On August 9, 2018, the press conference of the 6th China Beijing International Pet Products Exhibition in South China was successfully held in Guangfu International Hall, 7th Floor, Guangfu Hotel, Guangzhou.

Precipitation accumulation only for better

After five years of precipitation and accumulation, the 6th China Beijing International Pet Products Exhibition will invite more professional services and more targeted audiences to enhance the international participation and provide efficient optimization for brand enterprises to enter the market. Channel platform. The 6th China Beijing International Pet Products Exhibition will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall) from March 14th to 17th, 2019. The exhibition will be a new theme with the theme of “Gathering Global Boutiques and Leading Pet Consumption”. More than 800 well-known brand enterprises, the exhibition scale of up to 70,000 square meters, and actively create an international pet products exhibition with "high mission, deep content, and temperature."

New theme, significant meaning

Cooperate with a new theme: to gather global quality products and lead pet consumption. The organizers of this exhibition will focus on the professional audience segmentation and invitation work on site, to meet the brand needs of all stages, and a large number of professional franchisees such as agent franchisees. Fang will invite the presence and interaction with the brand to create an efficient and pragmatic trading platform. The 6th China Beijing International Pet Products Exhibition will closely follow the market demand, focus on the industry hotspots, optimize the exhibition layout, and continue to lead the development trend of pet exhibitions, which is of great significance to the future trend and development trend of pet exhibitions.

New product exposure leads the consumer trend

The exhibition will attract more international brands planning to enter the Chinese market to come to the Beijing Pet Show site to create a fashion show that leads the consumer trend, focusing on inviting industry leaders and cutting-edge companies to participate in the show, and to sound the initial number of the industry's new products. Not only attracted many leading brands in the industry to bring new products to the market again, but on the basis of the continued participation of many leading brands, more than 100 well-known brands will make their debut. It is the first to initiate resource integration and information sharing. All parties have jointly promoted the rapid upgrade of the exhibition platform through valuable resources.

Trade docking, building a pet industry chain

Carefully create a carnival party for the national pet industry distribution agent that detonates the pet circle. The site will carry out a number of in-depth standing brand activities such as China Pet Industry Development Summit Forum, China Pet Nutrition and Food Processing Technology Summit Forum, China Cat Breeding Technology and Cat House Management Forum, China Dog Breeding Technology and Kennel Management Forum. The China Pet Industry Retailers Conference and the China Pet Industry E-Commerce Conference have injected fresh vitality into the exhibition, attracting more professional audiences to the conference, detonating the circle of friends in the pet industry at home and abroad! Let the “professional buyers” return with full load and more Let the audience be worthwhile. In order to achieve efficient trade docking, improve the pet industry chain.

Achieve a perfect meeting between the audience and the exhibitors

The preparations for this exhibition and forum are being actively promoted, the publicity work has been fully launched, and the audience organization work has been fully carried out. Leaders and guests are actively inviting. Through extensive publicity and precise invitations, we will provide more value-added services to exhibitors and visitors, enhance the effect of exhibiting exhibitions, further improve on-site services, and aim at “details and temperature” by optimizing personnel flow lines, service facilities in the hall, VIP. The audience reception and food and accommodation support will enhance the experience of exhibitors and attendees, and bring a new exhibition and exhibition experience for each friend present. Gather strength, join forces, supply and demand, let communication achieve "zero" distance, strive to be large and not luxurious, thoughtful and not waste, to provide more safe, convenient, standardized and efficient service for negotiation! New upgraded Beijing International The Pet Products Exhibition will bring a new feast of pet products to Beijing in the spring of March next year with many new highlights and new highlights!