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Should Cat Have Toys?

Jan 10, 2020

Many pet enthusiasts who like cats are desperately arranging various living utensils for cats, hoping to coax the cats happily, which is also very helpful for the healthy growth of cats, so many people have tried hard Try your best to please the cat. In fact, there are many ways to shake the cat up and down. Then let ’s share some funny cat toys, and the cats are having fun!

1.Cat scratchboard

The cat gripper is a claw grinding tool provided by the owner for domestic cats that are kept indoors to avoid the inconvenience caused by long-term indoor life and the lack of timely trimming of nails for cats. Cat scratch boards are either plate-shaped or column-shaped, and are mostly wrapped with hemp rope, as well as corrugated boards.

Cat scratching board is a favorite toy of cats. Scratching and scratching is also the nature of cats. Many home furniture should have traces of being destroyed. At this time, the cat scratch board is an indispensable good prop.

Cat scratchboard

2, Funny cat stick

The funny cat stick is the most popular cat toy. Use the funny cat stick when playing games with cats at home. The cat has great interest in fast moving objects. The funny cat stick can quickly attract the cat's attention and make it excited. Biting can both train cats and cultivate emotions, so it has become one of the essential toys for cat families.

The space required to make a cat stick is small, and it is relatively easy to get started. It is necessary to pay attention to whether there are items around it that are easy to fall.

cat stick

3.Cat grass

Cat grass is also good for cats, and usually has a significant effect on adult cats.

Cats like to clean themselves by licking, so hairballs form in the stomach. This kind of plant cat is non-toxic and harmless, rich in fiber, which can stimulate the cat's gastrointestinal motility, and help the cat to spit out the hair balls formed in the stomach.

Cat grass

4, Hair ball

If you have kittens at home, you can start with lightweight ball toys. Young cats like toys that can roll, and usually a ball can be fun.

If it is an automatic orbit puzzle ball, it will also arouse the cat's desire to capture it. Even if everyone goes to work during the day, cats can entertain themselves.

hair ball