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Pet Foods Have Different Classifications In Which?

Feb 06, 2017

Wholesale pet foods on the market today many, if there is no way for these different patterns and eating are not the same for effective classification of pet food, pet food wholesale selection of pet foods will become a big problem. Now what are the different classifications for pet food?

First, dry pet food

For example, common fish food, dog food, cat food fall into this category of pet food, grainy for dry places and, in General, the main food for pets, available to pet a lot of life energy. Dry pet foods have a long shelf life, suitable for pet foods wholesale place without having to worry too much because the drug expiration issue that causes loss of profits.

Second, pet liquid food

Pet liquid leisure snack food mostly as pets or an increase in food and nutrition. Like pet the wonderful fresh bags of various types, as well as pet meat sauce porridge, pet nutrition pet foods fall into this class, such as liquids, the main function for the pet's nutritional status can be adjusted and changed the diet taste appetizing. Many pets have more preference for liquid foods, but must not take liquids as pet food, but according to pet the nutrients needed to choose the right of the pet taste of dry pet food.