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Pet Cosmetologist In Pet Industry: Cheats For Pet Grooming.

Jun 29, 2018

With the growing popularity of pet beauticians in recent years, the state has included pet beauticians in the category of passing national exams. Just like exam bar codes, the pet industry is constantly improving itself. After the license, the pet beautician became more and more professional and its status improved significantly. The massive breeding of pets in recent years has provided a golden opportunity for pet beauticians, and many college students have turned to pet beauticians.

A careful observation of the current pet market in China, especially in recent years, the rapid development of pet grooming. Whether it is dyeing pets or trimming a stylish styling for pets, it has become a concern for many pet groomers. There are also pet shows held around the world to show the dog's size and beauty, such as the dog's demand for beauty will be even higher. The dyeing of pets into various colors or various figures is also the fashion that people are pursuing this year. In the summer of this year, many owners of lion lions dyed their pet dogs into pandas and saw him at first sight. Everyone will have a feeling: how did the national treasure come out?

The development of the pet industry has brought about the development of pet beauticians. At present, from the point of view of the pet industry, pet grooming has become one of the most profitable industries in the industry. The ever-changing styling will make pet groomers the best pets to show beauty. teacher. Many people may wonder that each dog has its own temper. Each pet's personality is different, some are more gentle, some are more naughty, and some are not good. After all, animals are animals. Animality is the nature of every animal. There are no requirements for beauticians to serve customers. It is believed that no pet grooming shop will refuse to give customers beauty. In the face of some uncooperative pets, the beauticians must first ensure their safety before they can give pets a beauty. In fact, pet grooming is also a matter of skill. Even though pet groomers have been bitten by pets since this year’s news, this requires cosmetologists to have certain cheats to surrender to these pets.

According to a professional pet beautician introduced to pet grooming to discuss. Generally speaking, the most sensitive position of a pet, such as the head, back, and buttocks of a pet, is not a place to be easily touched. The so-called "Tiger butt cannot touch" is the same. In order to avoid the pet's hostility towards you, the good way is to see the pet when the beautician must be squatting and must not stand. Touching his neck with his hand is one of the ways to get his good feelings. This method is the most important and the most common way, so that you will become familiar with the pet slowly and he will Mindfulness will slowly fade. Before pet grooming, it is the most tedious. Take him a bath, check for knotted hair, pull hairs, manicures, etc. Afterwards, take a bath to the dog to master the temperature of the water, generally controlled at 40°C to 50°C. Between °C. Unsuitable water temperature, the pet will appear disobedient, impetuous and other imagination. Creating a pet can usually be done in two hours, but if the pet does not cooperate, it may not be finished in one day. Therefore, good communication with dogs has become a compulsory lesson for beauticians.