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How To Use The Dog Leash?

Oct 26, 2019

If there is a closed and large enough yard to let the dog move freely, then of course it is best. However, if you want to take the dog out to the streets, then it is best to take the dog leash. Otherwise, the dog may run to the road to an accident, or chase other puppies and lose, even if he only smells the passerby's trousers because of curiosity, it may also bring unnecessary trouble to the owner. Therefore, taking the dog leash is not a dog abuse, but a protection for him.

The correct way to dog leash is the key to successfully training a dog. The state of the rope should be slightly sagging from the dog's collar and maintain a certain slack. The owner should always pay attention to whether the dog is in the correct position and whether the rope is pulled. For example, when the dog moves forward or moves in the other direction than the owner, at that moment, the rope is pulled to send a signal to stop the suppression, and then the rope is immediately relaxed. This series of actions was completed in a very short time. One of the most common mistakes in the training process is that in order to keep the dog in the right position, the rope is often tightened and barely relaxed. In this way, pressure is often applied to the dog's neck. When it is necessary to correct the dog's behavior, pulling the rope is meaningless, and the dog can't distinguish the difference between the two. In addition, when training or going out for a walk, the dog should be on the left side of the owner, and in the same direction (if you are not used to the left side, you can also change to the right side), but you can’t ignore the owner’s presence and pull the rope straight. Run forward, so that the owner is unattractive to the dog and is not trustworthy at all. If this is the case, training is very necessary.

How to use the dog leash?

dog leash

1. When the dog pulls the rope in a certain direction, immediately forcibly take it in the opposite direction, you can turn on the way, you can also go back and forth on the same road, in short, people take the dog away.

2. When the dog is ready to pull the rope forward - pay attention to the way the dog is ready to pull the rope. When this sign appears, pull the rope back and pull the dog's neck. The strength and timing of this moment is very important, suddenly exerting pressure on the dog's neck and then relaxing the rope. However, it must be noted that if the rope on the dog's neck is always in tension, the above training method will have no effect. If the dog can follow you with obedience, you can praise him for "walking the dog", "good boy", or giving a little snack.

Remember, the correct method of pulling the rope is that the owner is dragging the dog at all times. If you are raising a dog with a stronger force, use a collar with a nail on the inside. This is stronger than the normal collar, and it is better to avoid it. Usually, the dog should be free at home. When walking, pay attention to keep the rope slack.

There is now a type of telescopic rope available on the market, up to 8 meters long, with a button to control the length of the rope. In this way, the owner can determine the length of the rope according to the actual situation, let the dog follow the road on the road, and let the dog move freely within the length of the rope in the garden. However, be careful not to let the 8 meter rope get to someone else.