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How To Train A Dog Without Motion Sickness

Sep 19, 2019

How to take a dog by car?

The dog will excite the tongue in the car seat, the saliva will flow to the seat, and when it is irritated, it will continue to scratch, and the sturdy seat will be damaged. At this time, it can be laid on the seat. A few newspapers, or simply a small chair cover, although simple, but can effectively protect the seat, love the car and love the dog, you may wish to try

When the car is driving at a high speed, people can wear a seat belt to protect themselves, but the seat belt is not good for the dog. Once the brake is applied, the dog will hit the car like a cannonball, which is very dangerous. Dogs can be packed into the dog box. The size of the dog box is small, tightly wrapped around the dog's body, such as the helmet of the Workers' City. In the emergency braking, the dog box can ensure that the dog's damage will be minimized, and the dog box can guarantee that the dog will not Interfere with the driver driving during the driving process.

To deal with the chaotic dog, you can use the bitter and harmless liquid to spray the seat, and put a dog-like toy in the car to divert its attention; to deal with the dog that loves to "sing" two scorpions, except Put on the cage, but also pay attention to strengthen the usual obedience training.

How to train a dog without motion sickness?

In the first stage, practice before the dog is walked in the car that is not started. Let the dog sit in the co-pilot position, you sit in the driver's seat, give the dog something delicious, talk to it. After the training, take it to the outside to play, let it connect the car and go play. Training lasts for a week, at least 5 times, 20 minutes each time. The second stage is carried out in the starting vehicle, the method is the same as above. In the third stage, drive 50 meters at a slow speed and stop at the busy street to let the dog get used to the noise on the street. The rest is the same as above. In the fourth stage, gradually increase the time and mileage of driving, so that the dog can adapt slowly.


1 Force it to get on the car at the beginning, and it will take the initiative after a few times.

2. During the training, the dog must vomit several times. Once it “spits, immediately stop and comfort, absolutely ‘no temper.

3, there will be repeated training, can not worry.

4. The most important thing is to keep it in a place where you can't climb to the driver's side and pay attention to safety.

5. The vehicle should be slow to accelerate, the deceleration should be decelerated in advance, and the turning would not accelerate. Keep the inside of the car ventilated.