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How To Select Pet Collars

Dec 24, 2017

Take the dog out for a walk and pay attention to the dog's safety. You need to bring a collar to the dog. It's also tricky to choose a dog's collar.

The collar has leather, nylon and iron. A belt collar, a belt collar, is a suitable and inexpensive traction that many owners buy for dogs. The puppies wear a belt for the best, the product has many colors, it is made of all kinds of materials, there are various styles; Nylon collar, this product is not afraid of water, durable and easy to wash. There are all kinds of colors. Many owners like to buy a set of collar and rope, and some prefer to buy products with similar colors. Cortical collar, worn and durable, rounded cortical collar for long hair, so that it's smooth and designed. In order to keep your dog safe and comfortable, the collar must fit, and the collar should not be too loose, so it can slip from the dog's head. The collar should not be too tight, which will limit the dog's breathing or cough.

Here are some methods of measuring method for collar with finger: put two fingers in between the dog collar, it shall not exceed the width of the width of the two fingers, otherwise it is easy to slip out of the ear, collar should be with the dog's neck about two fingers between the thickness of the clearance is advisable. Also check your dog's collar regularly for allergies or hair loss.

In addition to adjusting the size of the collar, the width of the collar should also be suitable for pets. Small dogs and puppies are suitable for small, lightweight collars, large dogs, larger body weights, and stronger dogs are suitable for wider sizes and larger collars. In case of no one, the puppy will take its collar, so as not to be strangled by other things. Long-haired dogs are best not to wear collars for long periods of time, so that the hair of the neck part of the neck is compacted, losing the original feeling and affecting the aesthetic feeling. A dog that is more sensitive to the windpipe is better off not using a collar when it is out of the house, because when the dog is suddenly moving forward, the collar compresses the trachea.