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How To Position The Pet Supplies To Make Life More Harmonious

Jun 26, 2019

People who have pets in their homes have a different set of requirements for their homes. Especially when pets are destructive, others' demands are exquisite and beautiful, and their requirements are solid, strong, and strong. Then, when there are pets living together at home, how do you arrange the location of pet supplies, and make life more harmonious with pets?


First of all, dogs live in clusters. They need to be around the owner to gain a sense of security. They are generally flat and do not climb onto anything. The cats are generally cold and the activity space is three-dimensional. Sometimes you hide things in high places, can prevent dogs, but can't prevent cats. But they all have one thing in common, that is, they like the quiet environment. When placing the cat litter kennel, try to put it in a quiet place, such as the living room or study room, don't put it on the balcony or the door, otherwise you will hear it every morning. The dog's voice.

pet supplies

Like people, pet activities follow the principle of moving lines. In the wild, their activity routes will be pulled long. Even if they are transferred indoors, they need a relatively large space to move, so they give a pet a room. It is not realistic to come to life. The pets will not be able to contact the owner for a long time, and the personality will change. Moreover, most people do not have the economic strength to decorate a pet room. Sleeping nests, eating areas, toilets, and play areas should be separated from each other. If the nest is in the living room, you can put the bowl on the balcony or the doorway. There is food temptation, and they can still bear with a little noise. There is nothing special about the placement of cats and dogs in the bowls of water. Choose a heavy weight and place a cushion or a small tray underneath to prevent food from spilling.

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Keep the toilet away from food, but place it near the play area. Generally, dogs are solved when walking dogs. At home, urine pads are used. Training dogs is a bitter history of blood and tears. Cats should be better. Prepare a cat toilet and put them in a hidden and quiet place. It is very good. Generally, pets like to stay with people. Most of the life trajectories are coincident. Everyone should pay attention when placing these pet supplies.

Another point is that pets are actually very smart. By observing your movements, many pets can learn how to open doors, open taps, and even push-type cabinets. When these places are no one at home, they have to use something else. Stuck, or add an isolation door. Many things in the kitchen and bathroom are very dangerous for pets, such as foods that can't be eaten by pets in the kitchen, various props, toilet soap detergents, and you need to pay attention to these when you are decorating.