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How To Maintain Pet Plush Toys

Mar 17, 2018

Pet plush toy is a kind of soft toy. Its appearance is fluffy, the shape is very realistic and lovely, there is a strong decorative, suitable as a toy, decorated the house, or give gifts. So, what's the use of such a cute plush toy? How can a plush toy be maintained?

Plush fabrics:

◆A yarn (also called plain yarn, BOA material) is divided into:

There are glossy yarns: ordinary are generally glossy, and under the light, the hair can be separated into yin and yang. No light yarn: that is, matte, basically no yin and yang.

◆V yarn (also called special yarn, T-590, Vonnel) has Even Cut and Uneven cut, and the length of hair is about 4-20mm. It belongs to mid-range material.

◆ Hipile (sea pie, plush): hair length in the range of 20-120mm, within the range of 20-45mm can do any hair length, 45mm above only 65mm and 120 (110) mm, is a long short hair, hair more straight, Not easy to curl.

◆ other:

● curl plush (rolling hair):

●Tumbling boa, A yarn curl: Most are granular hair, lamb's hair, or hair roots are bunched, rolled up. Usually used to make toys that are more classic, hair length is up to 15mm; the price is much cheaper than Shanghai style curls.

●Tumbling H.P. sea curl: Usually the hair length is longer, the curl effect is looser, there are many styles to choose from.

◆ plush printing materials: 1, printing; 2, Jacquard; 3, tip dyeing (tip-dyed): (as hair glasses open book); 4, variegated; 5, two-color (two tone) and so on.


1. The plush density is heavy and the hand feels silky (ie, the exposed yarn is not severe, and the hair surface is erect or lodging).

2. The quality of the original yarn and the quality of the woven fabric influence the compliant effect.

3, dyeing accuracy.

4, the larger area of the hair surface effect to see: hair surface effect is velvety, upright, supple, with or without normal indentation, wave lines, hair disorder and other anomalies. The above aspects can basically be used to judge the quality.

Pet plush toys should be kept clean indoors to minimize dust, and use clean, dry, soft tools to clean the toy surface.