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How To Lay Out A Playground For Cats In A Small Area

Mar 31, 2020

How to reasonably arrange a playground that cats are satisfied with in a small area, and let the cats liberate their nature and comfort is a question of many shoveling officials. Today I have summarized a few points, and interested cat slaves can take a look at this article together.

Layer height

Cats like climbing and jumping activities, and they also like to hide in high places and watch people. If you want to create a comfortable environment for your cat, the scattered cat trees are definitely indispensable. The cat tree can release the nature of the cat and make the cat more happy.

The layered height of the Tmall tree is consistent with the nature of the cat. The thick sisal rope is wound, and the theme diameter is 7 cm thick. The comfortable plush cloth cat nest allows the cat to rest well while playing.

car tree

Combined cat climbing frame

A simple cat tree may not satisfy cats' curiosity sometimes, after all, the cat tree still can't go to heaven. The combination cat climbing frame is also a kind of climbing frame that cats like very much. It can be assembled freely by shovels, even if it is mounted on the ceiling.

Wall-mounted creative cat climbing frame. Meets the cat's climbing habits, giving him a comfortable playing space. With high-quality wood and durable load-bearing walls, even fat cats don't need to worry. Multiple ideas, can be freely installed. The cat can sleep in the cat's nest even after playing, and the platform design allows the cat to release more of its nature. And it is installed on the wall, which saves indoor space.

Combined cat climbing frame

Gopher toy

Cats, like children, don't have too many toys. If you want to create a cat playground, there must be more variety of toys. In addition to funny cat sticks, all kinds of cat toys can meet the nature of cats. A fun toy is a gopher toy, and the cat must also like it.

This cat has a perforated gopher machine, a toy that cats can also play freely. Made of pine, smooth and remove barbs, allowing cats to play freely without harming the cat's meat pads. The three-hole gopher machine is suitable for single cat families, the five-hole gopher machine is suitable for multi-cat families, or the shoveling officer can play with them, which can increase interaction with cats and promote emotions.

Gopher toy

Playgrounds that want to make an exclusive playground for cats are actually simple. With proper use of space and rich variety of toys, you can easily create a cat playground!