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How To Groom The Dog's Coat?

Apr 21, 2020

Combing and brushing is a job that must be done for dogs every day. Combing and brushing often can not only remove old hair dirt, promote blood circulation of the skin, but also make the fur ventilated and shiny. In addition, dogs at the turn of spring and summer need to change their hair, so they must insist on combing their hair every day. If the hair is longer, use a hard needle comb. For short-haired dogs, use a soft needle comb.

The order of combing can be started from the place where it is easy to comb on the back, and then combed, then the limbs, abdomen, neck, head, and under the ears on both sides, partly and partly combed slowly. The flat comb grasps the roots of the knots so as not to strain the skin. Comb little by little, and then use a thin flat to easily comb down. When you encounter too many knots, too dense, like a carpet, you can use it first. Spray the comb finer and comb it again, or cut it off when you can't open it, so as not to hurt your skin too hard.