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How To Dress The Dog

Jan 07, 2018

Before starting the topic of said buy clothes is to reiterate that actually the dog does not have to wear clothes, especially some curly dog, such as: schnauzer, VIP, and so on, the clothes maomao knot easily in the future. Actually look better in clothes just for the sake of human and increase host interaction to the dog, also increase the flavor of the dog as a child, after all, it doesn't matter and don't wear clothes, but if you wear must choose the right clothes to wear to them, says right here, the first is the size of the clothes, and then the style  texture, etc., that it doesn't make clothes affected their activity ability.

In fact, dogs are not born to wear clothes, and many dogs resist the first time they wear clothes, or even walk around. I have had one experience. In my little white lucky2 months, afraid of her cold winter I bought her a woolen cloth material coat to wear, the little guy put on clothes for the first time later motionless as statues, dull to stiff standing for several minutes, boy try to think of a step, the result just take the first step of the straight fall to the ground. With this shocking experience, she was no longer willing to wear clothes. So then I thought of a way, each time you take her out to her to put on clothes first and then you go out, after a long time she will know once wore clothes can go out to play, is no longer dress to resist, this is the legendary "conditioned reflex training method"!