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How To Dress A Pet Dog

Dec 30, 2017

The style of pet clothing includes professional dress, home dress, leisure sportswear, sweet and lovely dress, fashion modern styling. Some clothes can make a pet walk in line with people walking, but it's just a false appearance.

Leisure clothes

The simplest way to dress pets is to find a special handkerchief or towel with a flower pattern on the neck of a pet, but not too tight, so as not to hurt pets by handkerchiefs or towels. And remember to spend on pets don't clip, or use a rubber band to tie a pigtail pet.


Sports style clothes are usually red, blue, white, and lemon yellow. The use of these colors of cloth for cutting, making, matching and drawing, can be very good to show, the sport and leisure style of the pet. But the nature of the material is as flexible as possible, so as to avoid the pet discomfort to tear the clothes. It shows sports and leisure winds and can also be used with sports types of hats or shoes. It is best to have a tie on the hat and shoes, which ensures that the pet is not shedding for a long time when the pet is wearing the shoes and hats.

Fashionable modern suit

Styled fashionable pet clothes that look nice but not practical and easy to damage. The production is also more difficult, the clothing material can not be too casual, with more objects. And this type of dress makes the pet uncomfortable and easily damaged. It is recommended to choose a professional style, or cartoon character style of pet clothing, with a hat or tie band, to the pet collocation can be.

Lovely and comfortable clothes

This type of clothing is very beautiful, or go home to relative. If you want to highlight the pet personality, you can choose animal clothing that is not consistent with the kind of pet, or dress it with light color clothes or ornaments.

Home dress

The pet home dress is as simple as possible. It is not necessary to wear shoes or wear ornaments. It is good to wear a more loose dress at will.

Walk a dog

Go out for a walk, walk a dog, dress up your pet dog, bring a bow or tie to it, put on pet special clothes, wear pet shoes, wear pet bells and sunglasses, and spray perfume. But all this is a step that needs to be taken after a dog's bath and needs a dog's match.