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How To Do A Good Job Of Pet Health Care Throughout The Year?

Jun 06, 2018

All the year round, take turns to exchange, each season has idea, keep pets at home will be special idea, spring recovery of all things, the sun is shining, the weather gets warmer, many owners can make pet "sun" in the sun, sun to accumulation of bad luck in in the winter, but long time exposure can cause a lot of damage for the dog skin, strong ultraviolet ray can skin burns. Therefore, shading is the first step of spring health care. When the sun is strong, try to cover the sun with a cloth curtain. This season is also a time when fleas are active. Cats and dogs often go out to the lawn, and fleas have the opportunity to attach themselves to them. The parasite is completely eradicated before it can begin to move. Bacteria are particularly active at this time, the spring is given priority to with respiratory diseases, is mainly transmitted by close contact with people and pets, especially children, often in play with the dog after licking his hand, these are the most direct route of transmission. Therefore, we must take preventive measures.

The summer is hot, the pet is temperamental abnormally, must pay attention to the cooling work. Due to temperature increase, the pet metabolism slows, began to picky, nutritional problems or physical deterioration, pet owners need condition of diet, replace sugar with food containing protein and vitamin rich foods. Water is a necessary substance for animals. As the temperature keeps rising, the amount of water a pet can drink increases. To ensure sufficient and clean water, the pet's food should also be washed regularly to avoid bacteria. Thick hair is the biggest pet summer "natural enemies", go to the pet beautician shop for the pet, reduce a few hair, but cannot cut too much. Cats and dogs only have sweat glands on their PAWS, so to help them dissipate heat through them, trim the hair around them. Many owners see hot afflictive, just put them in air conditioning room, it is very unwise choice, from the pet hospital survey statistics, summer dog to the hospital were mostly "air-condition disease". Sunscreen is important to note that in the summer, sunshine can promote appropriate pet on the absorption of calcium, but long time exposed to high temperature under the hot sun, will not only cause the colour change and skin cancer, and can cause day is shot glass stroke for pet mood be agitated, loss of appetite, increased water, flush eyes, mouth breathing, increased body temperature, shock until death.

After a hot summer into a cool autumn, dog fatigue will show up, so pay attention to nutrition timely. The owner should take the pet out for a walk every day to increase the amount of exercise. The dog will appear very excited and have an increasing appetite. Like spring, shopping is more prone to depilation in autumn, which is a period of hair exchange. The weather is getting colder and pets are the most likely to catch a cold. Especially puppies, old dogs, indoor dogs, must thoroughly dry water and keep warm, in order to prevent colds. In addition, this period is also prone to canine distemper fever, its initial symptoms and a cold similar, not to be taken lightly.

Due to the temperature at the end of winter, the dog is very vulnerable to cold air, or fooled by management, cold heat preservation measures are not effective, cause a cold, severe cases will be secondary to pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Prevention effective measures is to outdoor doghouse, moves to the leeward XiangYangChu the drain-pipe, and at the entrances to the dog hung thick curtain, prevent the intrusion, but also to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, vaccination and insect repellent.