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How To Clean Dog Toys?

Sep 19, 2019

When cleaning dog toys for dogs, you need to choose special disinfectant water to clean, this is to prevent dogs from being infected by bacteria.

1. Wash dog toys with household disinfectant and water:

Dogs use mouth-to-mouth toys. In the process of playing, the toys will inevitably be covered with the dog's saliva. If the mouthwash is not cleaned up in time, the toy will smell bad. This is one of the reasons why dog toys smell. To clean up the smell of a dog toy, the dog owner needs to clean the dog toy regularly. You can soak the toy with water that has been disinfected with household disinfectant and then rinse it off. After washing, you need to dry to play the dog again.

2. Spray a proper amount of pet deodorant spray:

If the dog toy is not easy to clean, but the smell on the toy is very strong, you can spray a proper amount of pet deodorant spray on it. Pet deodorant spray should pay attention to the smell of spray when buying, do not choose a strong spray. The dog's nose smells rich and easy to sneeze, affecting the sense of smell. It is necessary to purchase a deodorizing spray spray with a lighter taste, and choose a deodorizing spray with a good reputation.

3. Buy toys with good quality and no smell:

The smell of dog toys is not only because of the odor of the dog's mouth water, but also because of the bad quality of the toy itself. Some inferior toys will become stinky after use, and dog owners should not buy such toys. If the dog toy smells bad for this reason, if there is still a smell after washing, then don't play the dog again. It is necessary to buy toys with good quality and no smell through regular channels to play with dogs. Otherwise, dogs may affect their health because of poor quality toys.

Bad breath in dogs may also be caused by the lack of timely cleaning of dog toys.