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How To Choose The Best Cat Trees?

Apr 18, 2019

Cat climbing frame is a fashionable pet product. When choosing, be sure to choose according to the number of cats, the size of the space, the age of the cat and the preference of the cat. In addition, you must choose a large manufacturer's cat to climb when purchasing. Do not blindly buy

Cat climbing frame

The first step: choose the size of the cat climbing frame according to the number of cats. If there are too many cats in the house, be sure to choose a large cat climbing frame, so as not to cause a vicious struggle between cats, and at the same time, according to personal preference. Add some small accessories to the cat's climbing frame for the cat to play, so the cat will not be too stuffy, no cat can refuse such a warm and interesting home

Step 2: Select the size and shape of the cat climbing frame according to the size of the space. If the house or the open space is large enough, consider choosing a larger cat climbing frame so that the cat will play smoothly. Of course, if the empty space is not big enough. You can choose a slightly smaller cat climbing frame and you should pay attention again. The cat climbing frame should be placed in a place where there are no fragile items or dangerous goods, so as to ensure that the cat is not injured, and it can also reduce unnecessary waste.

Step 3: Choose the height and shape of the cat climbing frame according to the age of the cat. The smaller cats like to climb and take risks. They can choose a higher cat climbing frame for them, and they can choose cats on the cat climbing frame. Grab the shelf to reduce the damage of the cat's claws to the furniture. For those older or obese cats, you can choose a cat climbing frame with a cat litter at the bottom or a slightly lower model.

Step 4: When choosing a cat climbing frame, you must choose some regular manufacturers. Otherwise, sudden quality problems will scare the cat and even cause damage to the cat. I have bought some small factory cat climbing frames. After all, it is not formal. Manufacturers, it took a long time to open a series of problems such as opening glue and breaking. I used the cat climbing frame of Qingquan. I have not had quality problems for several years now. I believe that the wise will definitely make judgments in time.

Step 5: Be sure to choose the "green" cat climbing frame. Of course, the meaning of pollution is not mentioned here. Some small factories usually use some non-environmental materials to save costs, which will not only harm the cat's body but also people. The body produces certain damage, and the big manufacturers are relatively guaranteed.

Cat climbing frame


The cat should be combed in time to reduce the hair falling off the cat climbing frame, thus reducing the number of cleanings and prolonging the quality of the cat climbing frame.