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How To Choose Pet Products

Feb 12, 2020

Keeping pets is a matter of patience. Not to mention all kinds of strange pets, just to say that our most common dog feeding is a great science. The purchase of various pet appliances, such as traction ropes, food bowls, kennels, toys, bathing supplies, etc., I believe many friends have a headache. So what are the criteria for purchasing pet supplies?

1.Pets' preferences

When choosing pet supplies, you must see whether the pets are favorite. For example, some shovelers think that the taste of dog food is the same, and then some dog foods you buy do not like it, and they will not eat it too much, affecting the dog's health. In fact, each dog's favorite taste may be different. We can occasionally buy other flavors to try and observe the dog's response to determine its favorite taste.

2.Safe and sound

Safety is the first criterion for purchasing pet supplies. For example, some food bowls and water basins are not acceptable if they use chemical residues that exceed the standard or materials that have adverse effects on pet health. In addition, whether the product is sturdy and durable and whether parts will fall off are also criteria for judging whether it is safe. If some pet clothing is prone to falling parts, it can easily be swallowed by curiosity-swelling pets, causing foreign body obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract and even asphyxiation or aspiration pneumonia.