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How To Choose Cat Tree?

Mar 17, 2018

Cat tree is a good choice for cat's pet supplies

1, the color of the item

Dr. Bruce of the United Kingdom in the "Cat Guide" book, clearly pointed out: Most cats prefer the colors of the yellow and purple series if you do not believe, you may wish to try.

2, the choice of cat tree

1) If the stability of the cat tree is already very good, there is no need to buy a cat tree that goes to the roof.

2) If there are multiple choices, try not to buy a cat tree at the bottom of the house. The cat is a dexterous animal and likes high/narrow/small environments. If there is a choice, it must be in accordance with its own way of thinking. Buying a climbing frame such as this, the house is on the lower level, it is certainly a waste, cats and dogs simply ignore it.

A. Unreasonable design of climbing frame, basically no cats will go to patronize at the bottom of the house. The house is only stable and not desirable.

The stability of the B climbing frame is good, and the stairs are suitable for kittens (I used to think that the stairs were purely furnishings. Later I discovered that the kittens really use this ladder to climb)

3) If you want to buy a climbing frame with a staircase, try to choose a plate-shaped staircase instead of a stairway like a human.

Climbing stairs are not advisable, and the empty format design, though beautiful, is not easy to use for kittens.

4) Try to buy climbing frames for hanging toys. Many climbing frames available on the market are equipped with toy suspensions. No cat likes to catch those hanging small things.

5) When buying, consider the size of the house tray. If it is a round tray, the size of the 30cm diameter just enough for the cat, if it is a house, at least 40cm long, you certainly do not want cats to sleep on the face butt must be Drop it out.


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