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How To Choose A Toy Suitable For Cats?

Oct 10, 2020

Cats love to play by nature, every cat is eager to be able to eat and sleep after sleep, but in their spare time, they still need toys to enrich their cat's life! So what kind of toys do cats like? What is suitable for them to play? Then let's talk about what kind of toys are suitable for cats to play with!

1. Cat ball

Cat ball

Recommendation index: five stars

When it comes to cat balls, that is simply a gospel for cats! Not to mention all cats, more than 90% of cats love balls and like to play balls! You don't need to worry about this kind of toys, they will have fun on their own! You will find that the cats seem to have improved their IQ since they played ball, and they have exercised their elbow muscles! Cat ball can not only exercise the cat's reaction ability, but also make the cat's daily exercise volume reach the goal! why not? So, watch it quietly and entertain yourself!

2. Cat scratcher

Cat scratcher

Recommendation index: four stars

Cats are born to scratch. If you are always distressed, how come your cats always scratch, because their nails grow fast and are accompanied by itching. If your pillow and sofa are also scratched, then you can consider trimming your cat's nails, or simply buy a scratch board! Cat scratching board can appropriately alleviate the phenomenon of cat scratching, but the effect will be more perfect with the nail cutting. Cats like scratching board, it will be more sticky!

3. Infrared


Recommendation index: four stars

Cat + infrared = madman? ! It is no exaggeration that cats are extremely excited when they see everything that moves, such as infrared rays! If cats are bored for a period of time and want to go outside and look out the window, you can use infrared rays to attract their attention! If you suddenly cannot find your cat one day, you can also try to lure him with infrared light, it works! ! Infrared exercises the cat’s various skills, such as bounce ability, scratching ability, reaction ability, concentration, etc., and cats like to play with infrared, which is not tired of playing for a century. So, you can consider buying an infrared ray for your cat to tease it to enhance the relationship between you!

4. Funny cat stick

Funny cat stick

Recommendation index: three stars

If you are lazy and don't want to walk around, then funny cat stick will be your best choice! ! With a stick, you can play with cats at will~ Haha, it’s not like that. Cats like funny cats because they know that funny cats are controlled by the owner. They have a feeling of being involved, and there is a kind of being valued and paid attention to. Feeling loved, so they are willing to play with you and are very happy! If the cat likes one of the host’s performances, you can see if you are holding the funny cat stick and will the cat play with you!

5. Remote control mouse

Remote control mouse

Recommendation index: three stars

This kind of "high-tech" funny cat toys will not let the cat know that you are controlling it. They keep a sense of freshness from the beginning to the end, especially when the cat is chasing after you are remotely controlled. The fun is endless. It makes you feel as if you are back in your childhood! Although the price is a bit expensive, it is worth it! !