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How To Choose A Dog Toy

Sep 01, 2018

Nowadays, almost every household will have a cute dog. When watching the cute dog happy, there are also troubles that come with it. What is the trouble? The dog will bite and lick things everywhere. Such as shoes, socks, slippers, or picking things around, such as table chairs, why is this?

There are several reasons, the teeth are itchy, boring, because the teeth are itchy, he is very eager to find something to fangs, just like the little baby who just had a long tooth, what will be seen in the mouth, but some hard Something hurts the baby's teeth, and he is afraid that he will accidentally swallow the belly, so there will be those molar biscuits to sell, but the dog does not need any molar biscuits, we can buy him some toys, let He can also reduce boredom while grinding his teeth. Dogs are also very boring. Nowadays parents are office workers. Sometimes it is a whole day to go out, so the dog feels very boring at home, so he will Picking things everywhere, biting things, to find fun for yourself, so in order to let the dog not mess things, don't bother the owner, we should feed the dog to choose some toys that he likes, and play it, here are A few toys suitable for dogs, I hope to give parents a choice.

First, the plastic ball should be flexible, the dog's curiosity is very heavy, and the flexible ball can lift its interest. It is also very willing to play with the owner.

Second, plush toys: To buy a short hair, as shown in the picture. Or can it tear you off the hair. Don't buy too big a toy that is bigger than its size. It is not very interesting.

Third, bite chew: The bite chew is not too soft, nor too hard. If it is too soft, there is no interest in biting. Too hard will hurt its teeth. Generally it is better to be harder than jelly.

Fourth, towels, cloth strips, when playing this dog, the dog likes to let the owner pull the end of the towel strip, it bites the other side. At this time, it can be well settled with it.

Five, rubber stick, this is also one of the dog's favorite toys, it is convenient for it to bite the molars. It is also easy to train dogs with rubber rods.

Six, bone-shaped toys, dogs are very good to lie, see the bones will pick up and bite. The supermarket has a kind of bone-like plastic toy, which also gives off meat. This is of course the dog's favorite.

Seven, the little mouse that will move, the little mouse that can move can train the dog's reaction ability, and it must be very cute to watch it concentrate on catching mice.