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How To Choose A Dog's Nest

May 19, 2018

For dogs who do not sleep in dog coop, dog kennel is their necessary rest place. How to choose a suitable kennel for dogs and make them better rest is also very important for the health of dogs. The selection of dog house usually includes several points, such as size, material, details, modeling and so on.

1. size: the right size of the dog nest is the most basic selection principle, the dog nest can not be too small, the dog can not get enough space, always curled up inside the dog's body is also adverse. Of course, too big a dog house is not really necessary. Being too open can make dogs feel insecure, so dogs generally allow dogs to fully extend or slightly larger.

2. material: indoor breeding, we will choose cotton kennel, rather than wooden, because wooden kennel is relatively more space. Kennel fabric is best to choose pure cotton, soft and not easy to electrostatic, and then velvet, and finally acrylic.

3. details: some kennel, cotton pad under the skin, so that it can play a waterproof role. If the cotton mat is wet or dirty, just wash the cotton pad. Some dogs have a pull rope, so you can adjust the size of the kennel according to the size of the dog. As for dog's shape, it mainly depends on the owner's own aesthetic and preferences.

If the dog has not yet learned to place urine, it is better to put on the dog's surface the clothes that he does not wear, so as not to let the dog dirty the dog's nest. When you learn to discharge from a fixed place, you can remove these pads. At the same time, we must pay attention to the dog house must be regularly cleaned up to prevent the breeding of bacteria.