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How To Choose A Dog Leash?

Oct 26, 2019

The leash is important for the safety of the dog, but the unsuitable leash will make the dog uncomfortable. So how do you choose the right traction rope? Here's a look at the main points of picking a leash. You can find out!

dog leash

Every day, taking a dog out of the door and bending, of course, you must choose a beautiful traction rope for the dog. The traction rope is divided into two major categories: chest-back and collar. If you are worried about using a collar-type leash to make it uncomfortable, you can also use a chest-back leash. We generally believe that the use of the collar-type traction rope provides better control of the dog. When going out for a walk, there is not much difference between choosing a chest-back type and a collar-type traction rope.


Regardless of which leash you use for your dog, you should choose the right model. A properly sized leash is one that can still be placed in the leash after the leash is picked up. The puppy uses an oversized leash. On the one hand, the dog is easy to break free. On the other hand, the slack rope is under the dog's forward momentum, causing the dog's body to be partially stressed. Large dogs use smaller and thinner traction ropes. Too tight will make the dog uncomfortable and even affect breathing.