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How To Buy Pet Supplies

Feb 20, 2020

1、Selection of materials

Toys are made from different materials and have different durability. Therefore, before you buy a pet toy for your pet, you need to understand your pet's biting habits, and choose a suitable and durable toy for it.

Polyethylene is as soft as latex toys and is made in a variety of colors. Some even make squeaking noises to make the toy more interesting. These toys are generally suitable for dogs who do not have the habit of biting aggressively.

Rubber and nylon toys are more durable and suitable for dogs with a moderate bite habit. These toys often have holes in them, which is more interesting when playing with dogs that like to bite.

Rope toys are generally made of nylon or cotton material and are suitable for dogs with moderate biting habits. Especially useful for dogs who like drag and drop games, and this soft and hard texture also helps dogs' dental health.

Plush toys are softer and lighter, suitable for dogs who like to drag around and not suitable for dogs who like to bite. Canvas toys are easy to clean and durable, and are suitable for dogs who love biting.

2、Type of pet

Some toys may be suitable for puppies, but when they grow up, they may appear smaller and should be discarded. Small toys such as small rubber balls may be swallowed by older dogs or stuck in their throats. Discard those toy fragments and toys that have been torn.

Dogs also love a wide variety of toys. Sometimes you need to prepare four or five toys at a time, and rotate different toys every week. This will interest your pet. If your pet likes a toy very much, it is best not to replace it.

Dogs in cities tend to have a single food, which is likely to lack vitamins or certain trace elements, which mainly manifests biting items for no reason, and even tearing cotton tires into fragments. In order to satisfy his appetite, in addition to giving him food to bite, some toys can be prepared for the dog. Wooden sticks and non-toxic plastic products can be used. These can be processed into bone shapes or other shapes.

Grinding claws is a cat's nature, and cat scratching boards sprinkled with cat grass can prevent cats from destroying furniture. In addition, the pursuit of activities is a common hobby of A Mao, A Gou. Various kinds of balls that can roll, small toys that can run when pressed, and spring that can shake when they are pressed will make them extremely excited.

Maybe you think it ’s too much trouble to prepare these things. In fact, you only need to walk into a pet store or a large supermarket to prepare all of them. And not all of them need to be costly. Will make you feel very fulfilled. Articles utensils: A cat and a dog are very particular about the utensils. They use a wide bowl with a narrow top and a shallow flat bottom to make them more stable. To choose different forms of food utensils, it is best to go to a pet store, where there will be more varieties than supermarkets, and there will be different materials such as plastic, stainless steel, ceramics.

3、 Drinking fountain

The special drinking fountain is an inverted plastic bottle. A long curved tube protrudes from the mouth of the bottle. There is a small moving ball in the tube. When the bottle is suspended normally, the ball blocks the mouth of the pipe and the water will not drip. , Baby licked the ball while drinking, the water came out. The price of this drinking fountain

On the high side, each domestically produced is about 20 yuan, the price of imported products is as high as nearly 100 yuan. Combs and brushes: Combs and brushes are essential to make your baby's fur fluffy. To prevent static electricity during combing, the teeth of the comb are metal, and the handles are made of iron, wood, and hard plastic treated with antistatic treatment. The brushes on the market are pig hair brushes, nylon brushes, and wire brushes. Pig hair brushes are the best.

4、Collar or Necklace

Cats, dogs and cats have a long history of wild life. They have a wandering nature. For their safety, the owner is best to put a collar on them and tie their necks. In the pet store you can find collars and necklaces made of metal, nylon and leather. The metal is strong and durable, and the price is the lowest, but it will make the baby feel uncomfortable; the nylon is light and comfortable, the price is medium; the leather is luxurious, But domestic products are relatively hard, imported products are soft and beautiful, but expensive.