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How To Arrange A Suitable Kennel For The Dog?

Jul 12, 2019

When you are ready to raise a dog, you must prepare the dog's supplies in advance, such as kennels, drinking utensils and utensils, scrubbing utensils, collars, etc., to avoid getting the dog back and make it messy. Will leave the dog with the first bad influence.

dog bed

Let's talk about how to arrange the place where the dog lives. First of all, we should understand that the place where the dog lives should take into account that the dog can rest quietly and not be affected by the outside heat and cold, so that the dog is most comfortable to live.

The minimum terrain should be flat, the environment should be dry and clean, the light should be sufficient, the air can circulate, and the place to live should be strong and durable.

Let me tell you about the different kennels that different dogs should make.

dog bed

Puppy dogs or dogs that are rewarded: it is relatively simple. Place a place to rest in the room, usually with a cardboard box or wooden crates, and put a blanket on it to make the dog feel at ease. Resting is ok

However, it should be noted that the things inside should also be changed frequently. The dog's nest should also be cleaned frequently. It is also necessary to keep the air flowing inside.


If you are a dog in the outdoor, then you should consider that the summer will not be very hot. In winter, it is not a very cold dog's nest. Consider moisture-proof drainage, have a fixed location, and do not move at will.