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How Much Dental Disease Is Known

Dec 31, 2017

Does daddy's pet know? Periodontal disease is the first major disease that dogs and cats face. More than three years 80% of dogs and cats suffering from periodontal disease, the periodontal disease can cause bad breath, dental calculus, pain, swelling, and loss of teeth, may also affect the heart, liver, kidneys, and other functions, formed in the pet body gallstones, kidney stones, or prostatic calculi. Pet oral health directly affects its overall health.

What is the signal that pets appear periodontal disease? When you love dandle have bad breath, often drooling, bleeding gums, depression, loss of appetite, low activity, gingival recession, tartar Huang Hou and dental calculus, prove its teeth has been facing a big problem, need to immediately with the mouth clean and health care!