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How Is Interior Decoration Of A Pet Shop Better?

Jun 15, 2018

Open  a pet shop, professional decoration can not only improve the pet  store's competitiveness, but also can increase the probability of  customers entering the pet shop, so as to bring more benefits to the pet  shop. The  exterior decoration of the pet shop mainly reflects the professionalism  of the pet shop, and the interior decoration of the pet shop is a  division of the functional area of the pet shop, which directly  affects the customer's experience.
1.  Interior decoration: First of all, to ensure the realization of the  functions of each functional area, the beauty area must have good  ventilation and have good drainage. This is a place to pay special  attention to when planning.

2. The shop front is very important, and the decoration of the front door is even more important. A shop must allow easy access to customers so that it can have a good business. If  the pet shop is in a less prosperous place, there will not be many  people patronizing at the beginning. In such cases, it is not advisable  to open the door more, you can use the inconvenience of access, and keep  some customers in the store. Sometimes  this helps sales, because for pet stores, customers like to go to  stores with lots of people, they have a kind of psychological, popular  shop, there must be good products or cheap prices, but also reflects the  trend , so customers are willing to go to more stores, and make those shops that are already deserted. Also in the promotion, we must seize this kind of psychology and consciously leave some customers in the store.

3. The direction of pet storefronts: It mainly concerns ventilation, sunshine and other aspects, with special attention. North-to-south stores are less affected by sunlight and not too hot during the day. In  the summer, when there is no sun, it is relatively cool and customers  prefer to visit. At the same time, it can also save air-conditioning  costs. In  the east-west store, the afternoon sunlight shines into the store,  which is not only hot, but also gives people a feeling of irritability  and confusion, so that the customer does not want to enter the store. But if it is winter, it gives a warm feeling and people are willing to patronize.
4. The pet store space should be used well: the space includes the area and height. The  feeling of space is very important. It is the first impression of  customers entering the store. It should not be too crowded and it should  not appear as if it is in a space. Of  course, the larger the area, the better. However, the size of the area  is directly linked to the rent. Therefore, it is best to do what is  possible. The  height is mainly based on the height of the ceiling. The first is to  have a height, the space effect is good, the visual effect is good, not  too crowded; the second is to display the goods, when the model is  placed in the shop, it must be with the height of the shop Proportionate, otherwise it will not be coordinated.