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How Do You Make Dogs More Intimate With Their Own Feelings?

Jul 30, 2019

I believe that many people want their dogs to be close to their own feelings, and hope that each other's hearts can enjoy the cross-racial blending. How do you make dogs more intimate with their own feelings?


The first point: feeding snacks

It should be noted that feeding a dog snack is also a skill. Do not feed the dog before the meal to prevent the dog from producing anorexia. The correct way is to do some dog and dog for about 2 hours after the meal. Daily small interactions, then feeding the dogs snacks.

Second point: dog toy

A new toy can make them jump in an instant, and when they are not good, they can give them toys to play with. Their pursuit of toys is very fanatical, as long as they are new toys, they can make them happy. When we give a dog toy, we must first give it a full temptation in the hand. When the dog makes a deep affection, it is touched and then given to the toy, so that the dog’s feelings with the owner will increase a lot. .

dog toy

The third point: massage the dog

The dog is very soft, no matter how much it touches the body, it is a very comfortable massage for the dog, so when the shovel officer finishes the work and housework at hand, he starts to push the dog to the ground. Feel the massage. When you touch them, Wang Xing will feel very comfortable and at ease.

Fourth point: play the game

Many times, dogs are very fond of playing with the owner. It can be said that the owner is the best companion, losing the ball game, pulling the game, and playing hide and seek. These games can be played with Wang Xing people when they are fine. Enhance the feelings.

play with dog

Fifth point: take a dog for a walk

In addition to love, the dog's nature also loves sports. When the weather is good, bring the dog out to bend. Not only dogs and people can keep fit, but also increase the dog's feelings with us. Yes: When you bring a dog, you should train it to follow behind you, instead of running in front of you, which can effectively shape the owner's position in the dog's heart and increase the dog's obedience.

Sixth point: talk to the dog

First of all, I want to give you a little bit of science. Dogs can't understand the language of human beings, even if they can follow the simple commands of the master and execute them, but that is only the condition of the dog after the long training. Reflection, but why talk to the dog? The purpose of this is to increase the dog's feelings with the owner and deepen the dog's impression of the owner's heart.


Finally, and most importantly, never threaten it. When a dog's survival depends on you 100%, any intimidation of you is a big threat to it. If you make a mistake (that is, you are not listening to you), it will intimidate it, but it Punishment and mistakes are generally not linked because it does not consider that you have made a mistake (or is unconscious), and secondly its brain lacks sufficient association skills. Especially when the dog is in a bad mood and is sick, we have to give enough care to the dog. Only by treating one heart with another can we make each other's feelings stronger.