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How Are Pet Toys Classified?

Aug 25, 2018

Pet toys can be divided into two main categories according to their functionality: solitude toys and interactive toys.

1. Solitary toys: Popular from the West, recognized by the public in the United States, suitable for pet toys that cannot be accompanied by dogs for a long time. Mainly to alleviate the long-term solitude of dogs, many psychological problems such as separation anxiety, depression and irritability. This is also a pet toy that is more developed at this stage and is more acceptable to pet owners.

2. Interactive toys: different from the ones in the pet dog toys. As the name suggests, it is necessary to use the auxiliary dog toy used by the pet owner and the dog to play together, such as a frisbee, a bite-resistant ball, a fantastic ball, and the like.

Since the toy alone has just emerged in China, and now there are more and more pet owners, there is a greater demand for the toy that is unique in the dog toy. Next, take the representative toy of the solitary toy as an example to classify:

1> Pet Toys: Solitary Toys - Molar Toys

The dogs in the puppies are in the period of long teeth change, and the gums will have discomfort. The toys that dogs need at this time are toys that have a molar effect and will not hurt the gums. Such as the star-shaped molar ball, using the patented soft rubber material, soft and does not hurt the mouth, and will not be easily bitten.

2> Pet Toys: Solitary Toys - Educational Toys

Dogs in the process of growth and development, how can you have less educational toys, such as the star snack ring. Adjust the position of the snack ring in the snack ring and set the corresponding difficulty so that the dog can remove the snack through his own efforts. At the same time, due to its own nylon material, the hard bite is especially suitable for dogs with strong biting ability.

3> Pet Toys: Solitary Toys - Simple Interactive Toys

This may be the dog's favorite activity, playing games with the favorite owner. Unlike previous interactive toys, this toy can interact directly indoors. When the owner is busy, it is a food-feeding toy that can be bitten. When the owner rests, he only needs a simple rope to carry on with the owner. Simple interactions enhance the relationship between the dog and the owner.

4> Pet Toys: Solitary Toys - Bite Toys

When the dog enters a fixed area such as a cage to rest, in order to dispose of the dog's emotions, you can give it some bite-type toys. In the process of selection, you can choose toys with irregular appearance to prevent the toy from rolling out and causing the dog to leave the fixed area. At the same time, be careful not to place snacks in the toy to prevent the food from leaking and causing the dog's anxiety.

5> Pet Toys: Solitary Toys - Fun Toys

When a dog enters a new environment or goes out to ride a car, it is easy to produce anxious emotions. At this time, it is necessary to use something to attract its attention to alleviate this anxiety. For example, Stars Football, in the toy stuffed with the dog's favorite snacks in advance, while the dog will also make a crisp sound in the process of biting, greatly attracting the dog's attention, ease the entry into the new environment The discomfort brought about.

6> Pet Toys: Solitary Toys - Training Toys

A dog-assisted tool that rewards a dog's snack by making a sound when the dog presses the button while making the correct action. After a while, the dog will produce a reflection, and when you hear the sound of the sound, it will make the correct action, thus establishing a pleasant and relaxing training activity.