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Follow Up Training On Side Side Of Dogs

Dec 30, 2017

It is very important for the dog to walk around on the left side and look like it is easy, but it still needs to be taught. The city's population vehicles are very dense, let it run, it is easy to have danger and car accident.

At the beginning of the training, with a short belt traction in the left side, at this time should not be too long strap, making it any action. After June, began to implement strict training, he is deeply rooted in lateral lines follow the habit, the habit until later, and then gradually put a long strap or no left foot strap cordless [i.e. advanced actions follow up].

In the course of practice, you may encounter an advanced situation. It should be pulled back immediately. If you don't, you can barely pull it away. A kind of prickly collar can also help you finish your training. The third case is that if we go too far from the owner, we can use the edge of the drainage or fence to train it. Because the danger of the ditch will drop, it will only go close to the side and go all the way. The training way should be interactive use of punishment, but the inconvenience of manufacturing as a terrorist psychology to walk.