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Family Dog Common Sense, Pet Disease Early Know

Jan 06, 2018

Generally pet dogs in the different diseases, there will be some different from normal time of reaction, is the smell of exception, then use the following several kinds of methods to detect, can easily learn that what is about your pet dogs suffering from disease. Get your pet dog to recover as soon as possible.

First of all, we have to observe the behavior of dogs, which is mainly divided into two aspects. One is to observe whether the mental state of the dog is abnormal, which is mainly manifested in the stimulation of the outside world. The second is to look at the appearance of a pet dog, which is mainly about the fur of a pet dog and whether the feces are abnormal.

Followed by listening to the pet dog barking, the pet dog barking is one of the most main way to express their behavior, by listening to the cry of the pet dog we can judge the pet dogs of breathing, breathing is normal, do you have any cough and sneeze. If none of the above is true, we can also use a medical stethoscope to listen to the dog's heart beating too fast. As well as detection of body surface temperature of the pet dog, general pet dog body temperature than we humans slightly tall, puppy highest in 39 degrees below is normal, the normal temperature of the adult is between 38.5 to 37.5. If you exceed that, then your dog is sick.

The last point is to see a pet dog eating, usually when you want to write down the normal about the number of pet dog eat dog food, and then you look at the dog food intake is normal, if appetite is decreased significantly, and appetite is not a good situation, so that your dog is sick.