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Does The Beauty Powder Have Any Side Effects?

Jul 08, 2018

For some dogs, whether the hair is bright or healthy has a great influence on its appearance, so many owners are also happy with the beauty products. Beauty hair powder is a common beauty hair product. Does this product have side effects on dogs?

The main function of the beauty powder is to improve the skin, to improve the texture of the coat, and to make the coat thicker. But it is impossible to change the color of the dog by the beauty powder. At most, it makes the dog look better. In addition, when buying beauty powder, it should be noted that some hair powder may contain hormones. The effect of this kind of hair powder is obvious, but it is not suitable for long-term use. The other is seaweed powder, which may be slower in effect, but without hormones, it can be used during puppies.

We need to know the color of the dog. The amount of hair is mainly determined by the innate factors. The acquired factors can indeed be improved, but the degree of improvement is limited. Therefore, the feeding has a correct attitude to treat the beauty products, and do not send all hopes. This is above.

In addition, there are many factors that affect the quality of the dog's coat. Whether the nursing method is correct and whether the diet is reasonable is also a key factor. Regularly clean the dog's hair, the frequency of bathing should not be too high, otherwise it will cause skin damage, and the quality of the coat may not be too high. You can feed egg yolk (about 3 or so per week) to provide nutrition.