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Development Status Of Pet Supplies

Feb 06, 2017

While China's pet industry has been developing for more than 10 years, but compared with other developed countries still in the early stages of development, current analysis of China's total population and the number of dogs and cats to, our actual performance for the population is much larger than the number of pet ownership. Urban households with dogs as a proportion of the total, Beijing, Shanghai, 7.5%, 4.5%, only 1.7%. 

Family dog for 55% of the United States and Japan as 29.4%. These data illustrate the huge gap of domestic and international markets on the one hand, and also shows that the domestic market will face in the future greater business opportunities and development space. Especially with the progress of future consumption, gradually shifting to the urbanization in rural areas, pet dog and cat ownership is growing, and will further promote the rapid development of the pet industry as a whole. China's pet industry is expected to be an annual growth of 35%. At present, China's pet industry's annual production value is about 60 billion yuan, annual growth rates of more than 30%, about 60% 's share of the world, this is mainly because China's pet industry chain in place. By 2015, the pet industry with annual output value will reach 120 billion yuan.