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Chinese Garden Dog Changed Its Name To Tang Dog? The Organizer Rumors: Can Not Be Equal.

Jan 12, 2019

Recently, a message "Chinese Garden Dog Named Tang Dog" appeared on the Internet. The reporter of Chinanews.com was informed on the 6th that the news was not true.

Netizens mistakenly believe that "Chinese Garden Dog changed its name to Tang Dog" and believed that Chinese Garden Dog has gained international recognition. Weibo screenshot

The news of the name change of "Chinese Garden Dog Named Tang Dog" came from the CKU All-Dog Championship Exhibition. During the event, a dog named "Tang Dog" appeared and was photographed by netizens and posted online.


This news caught the attention of netizens. Many people think that this seems to be an international recognition of Chinese garden dogs.

However, the staff of the event organizer CKU told reporters on the 6th that the news that "Chinese Garden Dog was renamed Tang Dog" was not officially announced.

The staff member also said that the Chinese garden dog is not exactly the same as the Tang dog. The Tang dog is a separate dog breed.

CKU official website also introduced that the Chinese garden dog is a general name for dogs growing in China and not artificially bred, and several dogs including South China Tang dog belong to Chinese native dogs and purebred dogs. Obviously, the Chinese garden dog and the Tang dog can not be equal.

CKU staff also said in an interview with the media that "the purpose of breeding purebred dogs is to eliminate those disorderly breeding, avoid abandonment, and avoid the birth of unhealthy dogs. At the same time, it should also prove that Chinese dogs are no worse than those of overseas dogs. Let the international community change."