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Cats Also Need Toy Voice

Feb 06, 2017

As living standards improve, many people will begin to pay attention to spiritual life. But for some unaccompanied work outside of white-collar workers, in order to add a little life to the home will keep a pet at home. Cats and dogs are everyone's first choice. But lots of commercial housing will not allowed to keep dogs, cats and more docile and do not always call, so we chose to keep a cat at home.

A paper ball is enough to make it to kill for a long time. Cats will use a claw to push the ball and watched as it rolled, and then forward to, above the bouncing ball, and put feet around it, and then throw it again, again Chase

Play cat gradually learn to control movement, to learn how to hunt.

When cats grow up, you have to play with it. Because it was locked in a room all day to anywhere, really bored.

Favorite cat will roll something like living creatures, or hanging on a rope toy, high swing. Regardless of the prey toys like a cat, it's just entertainment, or even light and bouncing ping-pong, to stimulate it.

You can throw the toys, make it fun, swing toy in front of it, play with it, such as waving gently with a fishing rod hanging toys, make it to grab and drag.