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Cat Loves Toy

Feb 06, 2017

1. funny cat stick: make cat bar is also more convenient to use cheaper, just teasing the cat to take the physical. Cat love-5 star, 5 star, toy durability 2 star, value for money 5 stars.

2. the plush toy: most cats are like, but is not durable and is easy to find where to go. Cats like 4 stars, 4 stars, toy durability 3 star, value for money 4 star.

3. the spring mice: not all cats will like it, some cats should be Springs force the fear. Cat like 3 stars, 2 stars, toys, durability, cost 2 star 4 star.

4. the shadow mice: stop play on some cats will love bashing, but for cats and is not tired of playing, you need every time you play well away. Cats like 4 stars, 3 stars, toys, durability, cost 3 star 4 star.

5. cat: the cat will make a great sector and in accordance with their nature, covering an area larger than, the price is relatively high, but Word of mouth is very good. Cats like 4 stars, 4 stars, toy durability 4-star, value for money 4 star.

Cat is a very playful pets, as long as he wants to play, these toys will be he was very happy!